Sometimes you need to fight, strive, and swear. That approach is often romanticized in movies and television.

But I believe the truly enduring approach is to simply persist in solving problems, both great and small.  Add in all the romanticism you want, but in the end, I believe that this approach is not only the most practical, but also cuts through unnecessary cynicism and wince-inducing platitudes.

Thus far, over the span of my years, it has also FELT the best, as it has netted me the most long term fulfillment.


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Sounds kind of like entering the City of Matrimony. First the lights were tempting, then exciting, but somewhere along the way someone hit the light switch revealing what I only had dreamed about, or was that a nightmare instead? Fight Strive Swear – Fits pretty good, I’d think….

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