Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“Kent, wake up!”

“Huh?”  I brush a gaggle of empty code red bottles off my chest.  “Whuzza?”

My best friend and loyal comrade—Wiener—rises two feet above my waist, looking fearfully from side to side.

“We’re in danger!” he whispers tersely.

“What do you mean?”  I sit up and blink sleepily.

“Every seven years, I shed my outer layer, and it takes on a life of its own.  Right now, there’s an evil duplicate of me slinking around somewhere inside your studio.”

“What?”  My brow furrows as I struggle to process what he’s saying.  “Like a snake?”

“Anaconda,” he hisses.  “Respect the size, bitch.  Anyways, yeah—like an evil fucking python.  It’s around here somewhere, stalking us like a penile version of Sideshow Bob.”

“Holy shit,” I whisper.  “Where could he be?”  I look around with widened eyes.

“Anywhere.  Wake up Soccer Mom Prime.”  Wiener keeps looking from side to side.

I can’t help but think of all those eighties movies that start with a bunch of heavily armed heroes venturing into the wilds, and end with them getting overwhelmed while screaming “THERE’S…TOO…MANY!!!”

“Hey.  Sweetie.”  I reach over and shake my lover’s shoulder.  “Wake up.”

“Huh?”  She rubs her eyes, focusing through her cum-drunk euphoria.  “What the fuck, Wayne?”

“I shed my skin and created an evil twin,” Wiener whispers.

She rolls her eyes.  “Only you, Kent.”

“We have to do something!” Wiener screeches.  “Pretty soon he’ll—”

The lights fritz.  I flinch and yelp as a loud wha-PAP-PAP-PAP sounds a foot away from me.

When the lights click back on, Wiener’s lying in an unconscious coil by my feet.

“Game over, man!” I scream.  “GAME FUCKING OVER!”

“Shut up, pussy,” Soccer Mom Prime snaps.  “I’ll need to enhance my senses; hand me your eReader.”

I give it to her.  She opens it to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

She stands up on my futon, hands stretched out to either side, feeling for minute shifts in air pressure.  Her eyes droop shut as she cocks her head.  Damn, this is badass—like when Van Damne got blinded in Bloodsport, or Daredevil before he’s about to open a can of echo-location-powered whup-ass.

Evil Wiener comes screaming at her from the left.  She doesn’t even face him; her hands blur into a series of perfectly timed slaps and knife-hands.  As the phallic serpent-creature rears back and trumpets in rage, she spins around and launches a whip-fast wheel-kick—so goddamn fast that an umbra of flame forms around the cup of her heel.


The kick connects, blasting Evil Wiener apart into a thousand sparkling motes.  I look around in dazed wonder, lips parted, as sparkles float gently down.

“You’re welcome,” she rasps.

“I will eat your ass for days on end,” I murmur reverently.

She smiles.  “Deal.”

Thank GOD for Soccer Mom Prime!  😀


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