I think of pain as a great leveler, as well as a possible gateway into the sublime.  It can bring us together, it can wipe away ignorance and propagate wisdom, it can catalyze for amazing art (pain touches everyone, and in its universal reach, gives rise to truth).  I think of it as a caustic gift when it’s thrust upon me, but still—I try not to seek it.

Because I think there are easier ways to tap the sublime.  If I’m in pain, it’s usually because I’ve let smaller mistakes compound into a giant interest payment.

15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’d go for the interest-free loan approach myself. That way you can pay until your youth disappears, knowing that your value has not increased whatsoever, but you’ve kept the bank manager dogs from scratching at your door!

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  2. Yes. A friend of mine once said that pain is one way to learn, and a good way (one doesn’t forget it), but there are other easier, kinder ways.

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  3. Pain…yep I struggle with it in the sense that, it seems I am always seeking it even though I don’t mean to. In a way it reminds us we are alive, or in my case certain types of pain dull the pain I experience every day in various forms.


    I liked this one a lot

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