Once something works, options arise.  When things don’t work, scarcity/dysfunction propagates, and encourages the worst aspects of ourselves to run amuck and take control.

Competence isn’t just power, it paves the way for wide-scale freedom, and allows us to hew to a higher code.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. When something works, something inside of me is dissatisfied. I want it to work better, so I change the oil in my car, even though it ran fine with the old, sludgy stuff that could hardly move around the motor block. Then things stopped working, which made me satisfied, knowing that it was going to break and cost me money sooner or later, which then eases my mind, knowing that now I can’t afford to fix it!

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  2. You are right about things that work and don’t work. But there is more to it than you had space to write.

    Those options, when things work, or don’t work, draw different responses from different personalities and positions. One might say, “Oh boy, what else can we do?” Or, think of results as a puzzle to solve, or “I wonder what made that happen.”

    Your view is completely valid for you and many people, and much more positive than you might hear from a sick, old, depressed person, or a young, brash, reckless person.

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    • I can only speak from personal experience; stillness and aggressiveness are just tools. What’s even more important than those is perceiving the nuance and context of the given situation, so that it becomes clear which one is appropriate, and solve or optimize as necessary.

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