With the right arrangement of words or colors, books and films can lift my spirit and free my mind. 

There seems to be little if any science to this, and that’s why I edit my work until I’m heartily sick of it.


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. You are definitely a bulldog of persistence. That is the way we get our things into print, or achieve anything else we want to achieve in this life. Glad to hear this about you. My old quality assurance clients used to call me the bulldog too because they could never talk me out of a finding. You can’t get soft when you have a job to get done, and writing a book IS a job, no matter WHAT the subject matter, whether fiction or nonfiction.

    The writing and editing, etc. is just the appetizer. The marketing and dealing with all the things that come afterward are the real work. And you appear to be doing a good job of all of that.

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  2. I find that, while I don’t write a lot, when I do it just writes itself. I check for grammar, but do precious little editing. In fact I don’t really feel like it is me writing it. I just ask for it and the universe delivers it. I suppose novels are different. I haven’t tried one of those.

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  3. I would like to put it another way. It does not make sense to us in this time. However it may make sense to somebody someday. It all boils down to whether we are trying to make sense of the right things. Whether we have the proper perspective.

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