I’ve made a lot of offerings to the powers that be—soul-stirring appeals, fancy-sounding deductions—but over the span of time, the most widely accepted one seems to be competence.

5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. who judges competence? “others” cite needs and standards, and use those to define competence. We depend on the ideas of others to define ourselves. So, what is most important, is who we choose as judges. In whose eyes are we competent at what? Note: the first seven letters spell “compete.”

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    • When I speak about competence, I define it as being able to reliably induce results that are detrimental to ignore. Someone who creates and employs a reliable firearm is a blatant example of this. In the Big Short, Christian Bale’s character sees the over-leveraged mortgages, and a select few act on this information, demonstrating competence, while others wallow in their subjective dogma. Your point is valid until higher stakes and increasing levels of complexity/nuance get thrown into the mix.


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