Richard Piland has posted an AWESOME review of the entire Echo series!

B’BAM!  Richard Piland—an awesome reader and critic who has been me through the first, super-noobed out edition of Echo 1—has posted a GREAT review of the entire series on his blog!  I’m flattered and honored by Richard’s kind words, especially since he was very honest with his first review of Echo 1 and gave it four stars rather than five, due to some real and valid faults in my writing.  (Part of the reason I went back and revised it last year is because the first edish was so damn adverb-heavy.  I still kind of cringe when I read the revised edition, but I got other stuff to write so I can’t spend all my time dwelling on it).  Anyways, I’m happy to have “stuck the landing,” so to speak, in Echo 4, the finale of the series, at least to Richard’s satisfaction.  No spoilers, but I go way, WAY beyond robots and magic into some crazy-ass existentialist paradigms in Echo 4, and I really wanted to make sure it was tightly woven and also visceral.  Thanks again, Richard!

Read Richard’s review here:  Richard Piland’s review of the Echo series.

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