The food I eat, the exercise I engage in, the sleep I get, the stress I experience, the luxury I revel in…every little thing affects my ability to live my life in the manner I wish.  I realize that trying to quantify all these causative factors (I think that even if that were possible, trying to do so would drive me to neuroses) is a fool’s errand, but I do think it’s important to keep track of trends over time, contemplate whether certain things correlate with positive/negative changes, and run experiments in order to make sure I’m consistently gaining ground.

I have seen people who are sloppy with this, and they seem to become crushed and overwhelmed by the accumulated weight of issues that were once small, but have now become large.  As the old saying goes:  “Ounces equals pounds, and pounds equals pain.”

Maybe not immediately, but why wait for “immediate?”  Why not demonstrate wisdom and discipline, and enjoy the significant advantage that could be gained from tending to the little things before they become big?


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yeah, I think preventative healthcare can be great for instance, before waiting till you have a huge medical bill that you can no longer control. Having the discipline and taking care of things day by day is very productive, but I wonder if the incentive or motivation is great enough for the majority of the population that struggles with this.

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    • It’s not immediately apparent, which is why logic, training, and inductive reasoning should be more emphasized in our society, so that we can use these tools to more viscerally understand why preventative measures are valuable.

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      • A friend and I were talking about this, but she claimed that while logic and inductive reasoning is important and useful, it too has its limitations. The universe works in mysterious ways, and she believes intuition should also play a part. I suppose for those people, discipline is more difficult when you feel like your spirit is telling you that you should be doing something else.

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