Without being ruthlessly humble—without being able to admit that I’m out of my depth the INSTANT I realize it—I can’t use others’ knowledge as effectively as possible, because I’m clinging to the notion that I know it all.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. “Ruthlessly humble.” Never heard of humility put quite that way before. At my day job, I’m constantly confronted with what I don’t know, but unfortunately, getting the subject matter experts (SMEs) to give me what I need in a timely manner is proverbially like pulling teeth. I believe that gaining wisdom begins with the question, “I do not know.”

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  2. In today’s society, people use the services of experts and specialists on a daily base. I think of plumbers, lawyers, tax consultants, medical doctors, engineers, architects, cleaners, electricians, computer technicians…do I have to go on? Everyone does what he’s best at and barters this for money he can use to pay for the goods and services he can’t provide by himself.

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    • And yet it doesn’t seem to propagate into subtler contexts; we’ve all seen those who continue insisting they know best, continuing to burn themselves with their own ignorance which results from the ironic assumption that they know what they don’t.


    • I agree, eventually. Even ethics is propagated over a sufficient period of time; alpha animals who are too tyrannical are destroyed by their disgruntled subordinates. But individuals most often can’t wait that long, so they have to be proactive in order to reap the desired results within their lifetime.


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