The times when I know better—or DO better—seem to be when I firmly grasp the reality that I don’t know much at all and work with what’s in front of me, continually assessing the evidence, ensuring that I follow all the clues and align my perception with the environment.

That seems to work much better than trying to force the environment into line with my dogma.


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. It is… interesting??? frightening??? how so many try to alter the world around them based on their – as you say – dogma versus just letting their dogma take cues from the world around them. Observation and an attempt to understand what’s observed for what it is versus trying to fit what’s observed into what is understood is a huge undertaking that seems to end in failure and/or stress more often than many realize. There is difficulty enough in altering your beliefs based on the reality around you.

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