Like everyone else, I’ll experience happiness and depression, motivation and lethargy.  To me, the question is not so much whether I cling to one end of the spectrum and avoid the other, but whether I continue working towards my objectives, and continue acting in a way that brings me peace at a bone-deep level.

From what I’ve seen, the peaks of happiness and motivation will fade away, and so will the troughs of depression and lethargy.  Those are fickle points to navigate by; I would rather know myself deeply enough to be guided through a clarity of intent, and in so doing, feel a harmony that transcends pain and pleasure, that exists beyond motivation and lethargy.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I get a sense of separation from your descriptions. I am trying to recall any mention of another person or group of people. That “aloneness” can lead to “I”solation. Besides we readers, who else gets to listen and share your internal space?

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  2. What?!?!? It’s okay to walk in the middle? That’s so odd The sense of separation that @Von Smith notices (I think) is the detachment from polarization. I believe I tend to be moderate about most things, including happiness and sadness, motivation and lethargy. And anything where I have a viewpoint that puts me on one side versus another of a topic, is most likely lacking any extreme. I do not blindly follow any side of any controversy. You would be surprised how isolated that feels in many cases. If I do “take a side” on something, it is typically not a very big step to that side. In such discussions, my observations of others is that of delight when I show any agreement to their view, but instant confusion – and sometimes disappointment – when I don’t “convert” completely or show some agreement with the other side. So, some distance is created because they’re not sure about me and my thought process. I don’t know that it is distrust, but it is definitely an uncertainty about how they feel about me and my views on a topic; thus, a bit of isolation.
    I have also been told by many that it is unusual to them when I show a lot of emotion – good or bad. Again, my nature is a bit more moderate, so my expression of feelings is less “colorful”. I am not without emotions, though. I just don’t broadcast them as loudly as others.
    I’m not saying that being polarized in view or feeling about something is wrong, but neither is taking a middle line. That “harmony” with both sides, if you will, can be kind of isolating only because you are less likely to be noticed or because neither side knows exactly how to deal with someone who takes no hard sides.
    I think I explained that okay…
    Besides, DSFB is not isolated or completely alone if we are reading what he writes 😉

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    • Indeed! Much has been made of the “middle way,” but sometimes that way is ineffective; sometimes one has to be extreme in order to gain a result, or even just to survive. I think that focusing on effectiveness is the way to go. Not only does it allow one to do away with any confusion from “extremes” or “middles” (aren’t those subjective, anyway?) but it also creates consensus. Maybe not immediately, but in the long run, reliable results are the best argument, and bring everyone around to your point of view, from what I’ve seen.

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