It’s crucial to keep trying.  The misses may be discouraging, but they’re incredibly important; if I can figure out how much I missed by, and for what reason, I can use all that to inform my strategy, and allow me a greater chance of hitting future targets.

20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Big goals take a long time to achieve and it often doesn’t happen within the time frame that we set.The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20-Rule, states that 80 percent of the results comes from 20 percent of the efforts.

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    • Indeed! And 50% of an organization’s results seem to be accomplished by an even smaller minority of the individuals, and the extraordinary results by an even SMALLER minority. Without effort over time, it’s almost impossible to be one of those individuals.


  2. Perseverance is a mysterious force that must be applied to worthy, clear objectives to have any chance of producing beneficial results. Applied to evil ends, unfortunate harm can result. in and of itself, it is like gravity; it applies to everything. The difference is, it is a choice.

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    • Indeed! Even when it’s applied to good ends, it can have unintended disastrous consequences. That’s why I’m an advocate of studying myself like a lab rat—it increases my chances of adjusting course when it becomes necessary, and continuing towards that good end in the best way possible. 🙂


  3. Bill Burr does a great bit about shotguns. You get a “good spread” (said with faux redneck accent) so I guess if we use a shot gun to hit our target we’ll eventually hit something in sight. Not to belittle your deep musing with awfully paraphrased stand up comedy, I do agree with you. We are stupid humans and make mistakes, but at least one thing remains, and that is we learn. Unless one is a complete sociopath. Which I am sure you’re not. You’re lovely ❤️

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