Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“Sup Smeagol.  I see you managed to survive the fires of Mount Doom.”

“Yeah.”  Smeagol tosses the fat end of his tie over the small end, then threads it up through the loop.  After he ties a full windsor, he looks into the restroom mirror, sighs, and hangs his head.  “Goddamn—being a grungy little cave-dweller beats Accounts Receivable by a country fucking mile.”

I lay a companionable hand onto his gray, withered shoulder.  “It’s all good, bro.  Counting beans ain’t so bad; you just have to make sure that you maintain a healthy life outside the office.”

Smeagol looks down at the floor.  His lower lip trembles, and a single tear trails down his right cheek.  “All I do is jerk off and watch reruns of One Tree HIll.  Funny thing—I used to be able to get a decent boner when I was living off blind fish and syphilitic goblins.  Now?”  A despairing laugh.  “It’s like trying to play pool with a piece of goddamn rope.”  He buries his face in his hands and weeps into his fingers.

“Uh…right.”  I yank a paper towel out from the dispenser and dry my hands.  See you at company softball, huh?”

He doesn’t answer; he just keeps weeping.

As I leave the men’s room, I loosen my tie and hiss through my teeth.  Jeez—I don’t wanna end up like Smeagol.  Good thing I got some hobbies to take my mind off this place.  Writing, lifting, and THANK GOD for—


Oh shit—it’s my boss:  Snerdbert McHerman.

“Kent!”  He gives me a big hug.  “Good news, you needle-moving consensus-building customer-centric mission-critical mofo!  You’ve been promoted!”

“Um…okay.  So I’m getting a raise?”  I give him a hesitant grin.

“Absolutely!”  Snerdbert holds me at arms’ length by my shoulders.  “You just have to pass the middle manager screening!”

“Middle manager..screening?”  A bead of sweat trickles down my temple.

“Yep!  Let’s get started!”  Snerdbert turns away and yanks down his pants in a swift, practiced movement.

I find myself staring at a pimple-riddled hellscape.  Within its center is a curly-haired horror that looks like it emerged from a post-apocalyptic realm populated by evil cyborg wizards, all of which ride atop gigantic, lizard-spider hybrids.

“Clean it with your tongue, Kent!  Chop chop!”

“AHHHHH!!!!”  Spurts of blood erupt from my eyes, spattering the walls and floor with dark red streamlets.  My organs begin vibrating at a nauseatingly high-pitched frequency, emitting piercing screams like babies being hugged by Steven Seagal.  I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if I actually have to put my lips AGAINST that thing…

So I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.

In the same tone he used against the Balrog, Gandalf screams:  “DON’T.  LICK.  THE ASS!!!!”  The LOTR theme rings through the air as he leaps out of an interdimensional portal and jams the end of his staff into the dark, H.R. Giger-esque nightmare that doubles as Snerdbert’s poopchute.

As Snerdbert screams in rage, Gandalf flings his cape around me and we hunker down.  Eldritch fury rages around us.  I whisper a prayer as the world begins wrinkling, crumpling and twining into a single bright point—

—and then I’m elsewhere.  Gandalf pulls me to my feet and gives me a smile.

“The Enchanted Booty Forest.  And yes, Kent—we have internet here.  You can still access 50plusmilfs.”

Enchanted Booty Forest???  AND 50plusmilfs???

Hot DAMN!  😀


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