I like to quality-check my actions by assessing if they’re ethical and functional within a given context.  The rest of it—religion, mysticism, supernatural, etc. etc.—can be added on later. 

I’ve seen too many people led astray by their idea of how things “truly are,” to not assess each situation as a separate set of circumstances.


12 thoughts on “Musings

    • From what I understand, Darwinism does encourage ethics over a sufficient span of time—the alpha tends to enjoy a longer life span if they aren’t overly tyrannical. If they are, then their subordinates have a higher chance of turning against them. HOWEVER, I don’t think any of us as human beings want to wait around for that kind of thing to happen, so in my opinion, we need to be proactive about establishing logic and consensus-driven ethics before Darwinian forces impose horrific circumstances on us where we have turn to revolution. That requires an emphasis on critical thinking and civil discussion, in my opinion.

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      • Indeed! Even within the entropy, however, there are spontaneous systems of order. Gravity seems to be the main ordering force right now, as it creates linear time and the organization of matter…but who knows? 🙂


      • Interesting! From what I’ve heard physicists say, causality can’t exist without time, which can’t exist under certain conditions, such as the universe before the big expansion. One can only say at that point that conditions existed that ALLOWED the universe to occur, as without time, you can’t have causality. From what I’ve heard on podcasts, anyway.

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