When I think deeply on the “mundane” or the “trivial,” I find that the lessons I take from these supposedly irrelevant phenomena apply to the “grandiose” and the “mystical.”  

And in this humbling of perception, I experience a leveling of my soul, where I can enjoy the beauty in pain, the sorrow in beauty, and—if there is some order underlying all of existence—the resonant peace that seems to constantly tell me to enjoy what I’m doing, and to enjoy what’s in front of me…

Because it will all fade away soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Musings

    • Indeed! I find the peril in that term “middle” though, is that some people interpret it as constant moderation. I interpret it as the exhortation by Musashi to “have no preferences,” and have a “middleness of spirit” if you will, because sometimes, extreme action is what’s appropriate. 🙂


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