The Strained Brains Podcast

Strained Brains (my new podcast) is now LIVE!  And I talk WAY too fast!  Simply open the Apple podcast app, and type in “strained brains” in the search bar!  Here’s the show description:

“Are you a genius? Neither are we! Listen to Dr. Free Monk and Kent Wayne strain their brains as they discuss anything and everything under the sun. Life in the military, psychedelics, being an indie author, functional medicine…nothing is off limits!


Dr. Free Monk is a 20-year military vet, 2nd year grad school student, and has a recurring dream on realizing the sacredness of his foolishness.


Kent Wayne has spent his entire life as a hyper-aggressive nerd. When he was eighteen he joined the military, became even nerdier and even more aggressive, and now uses his nerdy aggression to write science fiction books about giant robots.”

8 thoughts on “The Strained Brains Podcast

  1. having just listened to your first “Strained Brains” podcast, Kent, with Leroy Brown, according to your introduction, but Doc Free Monk according to the written description at the site, for, to my astonishment, the entire program, inspired, I think, by your eagerness, curiosity, and potential for perhaps powerful, eventually, insights, not to mention Leroy Brown’s / Doc Free Monk’s calm wisdom, I could comment on the several areas of interest you both brought up, but was eventually especially impressed by your resemblance to Alcibiades, warrior, youth, aspiring inspirational figure, up against Socrates, the already wise mentor – both, note, left indelible marks on history, Socrates for being wise – cheers, R ! chard – psst: the unified Force, incidentally, I think you’re looking for, is, as far as I’m concerned, Time, more about which later, if you’re interested

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    • Your words move me, Richibi! Apologies for my amateur oratory skills; I’m trying to hit the right balance of eloquence, energy, and spontaneity, but I realize that if I don’t watch myself, I tend to speak way too manically, and don’t enunciate like I should. I fall short of this in episode six and seven as well, but I imagine the more I keep doing this, as long as I keep observing myself and making adjustments, the better I’ll get at it. Thank you so much, friend!


      • incidentally, Kent, and with great respect, let me suggest that there was nothing “[s]trained” about Leroy Brown’s / Doc Free Monk’s brain, nor do I expect there will be with your next guest’s, Tee, unless you’re referring in your title to your own brain, and that would be singular, not plural, which is to say “Brain”, not “Brains”, therefore, and this is coming from someone who reveres words, what about “Unrestrained Brains” as the heading for your podcast, incorrect terminology, note, makes for muddled communication – cheers, as ever, richibi

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