In episodes 2 & 3 of Strained Brains, I interview a successful single mom who is motivating as F**K!

If you haven’t already, check out episodes 2 & 3 of my Strained Brains podcast, where I interview Tee.  Tee worked her way up from living in a third world, Vietnamese village where 1000 people shared a single black-and-white TV, to running a successful business here in the U.S!  Along the way she avoided getting trapped in an arranged marriage, worked for several years in sweatshop conditions, endured an abusive family life, and finally started her own business…at the SAME TIME she was struggling with being a single mother!

Man, I’ve met some of the guys that people write books and movies about, but seeing the same doggedness and persistence in something less “glorious” motivates the crap out of me!  (also makes me feel lazy as hell, haha!)  So go on to your podcast app, type in “Strained Brains” in the search bar, and check out Tee’s amazing story!


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