The blank page contains the potential for all stories ever and never written.  It is up to the author to use time-honored tools like discipline, critical thought, and unflinching scrutiny to bring out another glorious tale from that deceptively chaotic blankness.

10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. If only I could record the experience of imagination and transmit directly to the brains of others. But I cannot. I must remember what I imagined, sort out what I was thinking, then gather and arrange a common, imprecise, limited code on a medium I can pass on, so another can decode, decipher, translate with their own experiences to have a chance to interpret something like what I mean. It is still a thrill.

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  2. I like that you use the phrase “chaotic blankness”. That is precisely it — it is the struggle to create a limited creation out of a virtually limitless sea of ‘nothing’, or ’emptiness’.

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