While there’s no way to prove it, it seems that certain qualities which a person condemns are often reflective of their own faults.  This seems to be true in life, and it DEFINITELY rings true in story. 

In a fair amount of stories (and I believe in real-life anecdotes as well), if a person integrates their own darkness, that is when they can conquer their opposition in a comprehensive fashion, for they have already conquered their own failings, which they originally—and ironically—once condemned in their hated foes.


9 thoughts on “Musings

    • Well I’ve certainly suffered from some of it myself! 😅Nowadays I try to call myself out on things and either correct them or put controls in place so they don’t become an issue. Beating myself up over them is what I tried to do in the past, but I’ve found that to be fairly useless.


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