Some may champion strategic thinking as “common sense” or “the way of the warrior” or a “life-hack” or some other romantic-sounding label, but I just think of it as a necessary practicality.  We only have so much time to live, and that time is continually devoured by our daily needs, along with random twists of fate.  So I believe it’s absolutely necessary that I be brutally honest enough with myself to know my intent, form an effective strategy, and produce a result.  I’d prefer not to waste my limited time trying to keep my head above water; I’d rather keep my ship tight, and navigate from shore to shore, exploring the breadth of possibility while I exist on this earth.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Strategic thinking is fine through the course of a normal ‘voyage’ of the day…but it is secondary emotion–learned instinct–that is vital when the unexpected storm arises. How we ‘think’ today determines how we react in a split second–without thinking–when there is not time to think.
    You are right about the priorities: know your intent; form a strategy; and produce a result. Practicing this will lead to good balance and effective ‘survival’ skills.

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