We’ve seen the same, classic, success-propagating principles iterated time and again throughout the centuries.  What seems to deny us positive results is the ability to perceive nuance—the willingness to recognize different contexts and different circumstances, and knowing which principle will effect a positive solution.  

I don’t think we lack knowledge of the existence of principles; I believe we often lack the perception to transform these principles into actionable methods, and then solutions.  Perception, in my opinion, is a thing that must be tested and trained with hard evidence and honest analysis.


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree entirely, to be honest. (My, my, you are eloquent) At the risk of sounding very, very pretentious, I do think we, as a race, struggle to put our perceptions and views into a solution. We see things correctly, even understand our problems, but putting forward and actually *enforcing* a solution is alien to us still.

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    • I agree! That’s why when we see folks who get difficult things done on a regular basis, we elevate them. And when they do it while demonstrating a willingness to NOT get something done because it’s unethical, we mythologize them. 🙂

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