In many cases, people only change in the face of discomfort—when an external pressure incentivizes them to try something new, or shift their perspective.  We have that in common with animals and machines:  an outside force is fairly effective at causing us to adopt a new method.  But as humans, we possess the amazing potential to look beyond immediate desires and think strategically; we can hunt down our ignorances and vanquish them BEFORE they become problems.  If we possess any free will at all, we can—through discipline and strategy—aspire to become masters of life, rather than its servants.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Indeed. Why, it seems like you just named what’s going on in my life at this moment. Slowly, painfully slowly, I’m learning to stop reacting to what’s thrown in my lap and pursue what I want before it even exists. I can only hope that as I learn this hard lesson that I can teach it to my son, so he will not have to struggle against himself as I do now.

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    • He will, as we all must embark on the hero’s journey and struggle with ourselves, but you can arm him with weapons and training., so that those inner monsters don’t give him as much trouble. 🙂


  2. Great thought! Your musings always provide something to take away and ponder for awhile. Being the slightly more evolved primates that we are, we do indeed seem blessed with the ability of forward-thinking. It’s such a pitiful minority of human beings whom actually commit themselves to forward-thinking, both in their personal and professional lives. I’m certainly no exception to that majority, but I’m seeking to vanquish my ignorance as far beyond as I can possibly ascertain! Forward-thinking, strategic thinking, can also provide drive and purpose to one’s life too, I think.

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  3. if it wasn’t for discomfort most of life wouldn’t happen. Seeds can’t grow unless they break the shell, nor can a chick hatch. It isn’t as much that we need to circumvent trials to grow, it is that we need to accept them. Not react, but reinvent ourselves to what is happening. If there is a rock in my path, go around it..or break it. You just gotta grow.

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