The Weekly Update: Echo, Kor’Thank, and the Logical Idiots Podcast

Kor’Thank word count:  21,776 (temporarily stopped drafting due to school obligations, as well as the desire to finish editing Echo 4 and publish it)  Echo Vol.4, word count:  173,284.  Chapter 76, eighth pass.

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to those who posted positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads!!!

News:  I fixed up a major plothole in chapters 30-40, so I’m starting to hone in on what I actually consider the most reader-relevant part of the writing:  The Flow.  Without a good flow of words from sentence to sentence, from paragraph to paragraph, from page to page, and from chapter to chapter, I as a reader don’t want anything to do with the story, regardless of how deep it may be.  An example of this is the Star Wars prequels, which actually had some pretty deep themes, but the flow was complete garbage (think of when Anakin and Padmei were tumbling through flowers while bittersweet romantic music was playing in the background).  And we all know about brilliant art films that evoke no emotion whatsoever.  Yeah—that’s kind of the opposite of what I’m trying to do with Echo.  That means that I’ll sacrifice description and deepness for heart-lifting flow every chance I get.  The later chapters have it, but the earlier chapters (1-60) are kind of spotty.  I’m trying to get it all wrapped into a neat, tight bundle.

Got some guests coming up on the 2 Logical Idiots Podcast, which is still in its infancy.  One of them is a bud from the military days who’s exploring some interesting stuff in the civilian sector, and another is one of the best masseuses in San Francisco who clawed her way up from the third world and shitty prospects to not having enough time for herself because she’s swamped with business due to her stellar reputation.  She’s also a single mom, inspires the living F out of me, and is one of my many reminders that writing, working out, fasting, and all of that “hardcore stuff” is a PRIVILEGE.  Some folks don’t get the luxury of dieting or exercising; they have to bust their ass just to eat.  I get to CHOOSE to do it in ways that open new opportunities for me, so I’m trying to take advantage of that.  I’m looking forward to having her on and having her share her story.  Other than that, Dicky and I are still churning away, thinking of new ideas to expand our video and podcast production, so stay tuned for that.

Think that’s it for this week.  If you’re a writer, then I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!!!  🙂 🙂 😀


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