Most people who ask me about writing seem to think that the workload is the hard part, but I disagree; the hard part is being so damn honest with myself it feels like I’m being eviscerated, then putting that part of me onto the page for all the world to judge.  When I do this properly, I can write in any environment for hours on end.  The words just bubble up from within and arrange themselves on the page.


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I feel that writing for yourself (or making yourself believe you are writing for yourself) makes the honesty challenge much more simple. Or course, even so there is still some difficulty in making sure you are fully honest with what you are saying, but that’s just the way I try to make things easier to handle. So far it seemed to work 😀

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  2. ’tis a good thing you an regow your limbs :3
    This is an apt way of describing writing, I feel the same, my memories, interests, fears, desires and the like grow fiction, and the exposure makes my work being published a tad frightening.

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