If you assume you’re talented, and do your best to refine that talent into something great, (even though there’s no immediate reward or applause), that’s courage.  

After an honest effort, if you examine yourself with ruthless candor and make a forthright assessment about whether your talent is real or it lies somewhere else, that leads to wisdom.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. There is a word in Hindi my mother tongue- keeda
    Literally translated into English it means a worm, what it implies, however, is an itch in our soul…
    So the question is, if you have a keeda and wisdom says you leave it but it would mean discarding a piece of your soul, what then?

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    • Apply the sword of truth to yourself. Examine the evidence as brutally as you can, and figure out what will make you most happy in the end. In the event you are still uncertain, start running some experiments to make things clearer.


  2. That’s hope. Maybe tenacity. Courage requires a air of threat, of risk, a sense of “the losses be damned!”
    Wisdom, yes, it centers on self-reflection. “The unexamined life is a life unlived.” One can learn from mistakes, but one can predict future mistakes through wisdom.

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