I used to love the idea of labels and titles—the idea of being called this or that.  Nowadays I just try and accomplish my goals.  If people note my accomplishments and label/classify me as a this or a that, then that’s their problem; I couldn’t care less.  

I’m just trying to finish what I set out to do.


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Your musings are helping me to understand my own musings. I just recently first realized that musings are thoughts going around in my head while I am sitting at a red light, wondering why this or that happens and whether it’s all worth it. Judging by a portion of your face (another post), you as a young man have a good grasp on yourself whereas I, as 60+ person am still learning about myself and my “musings”. If helping others is one of your goals, Congratulations!

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    • I think even helping others can be a trap in some cases…”good intentions pave the way to hell” and all…that being said, I am INCREDIBLY grateful and feel extremely blessed that I was able to help you, Elva! I simply seek to present a case through my actions and deductions that it is worthwhile to be in harmony with a philosophy that attains tangible results, and is bounded by ethics. 🙂 Don’t let my face fool you—I’ve got some dog years on me, haha!

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