What’s the point of subscribing to grand theories without validating them through results?  From what I can tell, one can independently arrive at those beautifully worded, age-old assertions if they continually apply themselves and continue to refine their approach with the intent to optimize.  I’ve seen plenty of people fail by trying the opposite—by collecting platitudes and hacks in the vain hope that somehow, the weight of these aphorisms will replace the need for unflagging discipline or the willingness to question their ineffective, oh-so-comfortable beliefs.  

—my interpretation of the saying:  “Faith without works is dead.”


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Not sure i follow your answer. I’m thinking a good rework of the Adage might be, “you say it, but you don’t mean it.” Or to replace it with a more Modern cliche, “You gotta walk the walk, if you’re gonna y’all the talk.”

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    • I wanted to bring up the salient point (IMO) that walking the walk means not falling into the trap of thinking that the high-handed words are the foundation of “the walk.” Rather that it is the discipline and evidence-based strategy that form the basis for results.


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