The Weekly Update: Echo, Kor’Thank, and the Logical Idiots Podcast

Kor’Thank word count:  21,776 (temporarily stopped drafting due to school obligations, as well as the desire to finish editing Echo 4 and publish it)  Echo Vol.4:  Chapter 59, fifth pass

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to those who posted positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads!!!

News:  Finals are petering off, so I’m back to editing 10k+ words a day for Echo 4.  It’s been a year since I started writing it, so I’ve frozen progress on Kor’Thank in order to finish this damn quartet of Echo books.  I’m glad to say that it’s coming together pretty nicely; a lot of my chapters are starting to read smoothly and entertain me, even though I know them inside and out.  I feel like this is the part where, if you’re a cook, you start to see the stew thicken, the bread rise, the eggs whiten, etc. etc.

As far as the Logical Idiots Podcast goes, we just finished shooting/recording episode 2 yesterday, and for some reason our voices sounded hollow and defy my uninformed attempts as an Audacity dabbler to fix them.  This is REALLY pissing me off, because our voices sounded great in the first episode.  We went into some deep stuff, probably got it completely wrong, but did our best to be entertaining and insightful.  You can probably tell by the trailers that I’m not much of an actor and speak like an excited nerd, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of trying to become better at the on-camera stuff.  Dicky actually has a little acting experience, and because we both take our make believe seriously, we’re gonna both try to toy with some techniques to make things as high quality as we possibly can.

Whoever left a comment on our YouTube trailer somehow got it deleted, don’t know if it was by choice or accident, so we didn’t mention them by name, but we did address their question.  Right now I feel like we didn’t address it as thoroughly as we could have, so I’m thinking of going into some points I feel we missed next time we record.

Another logistical hitch has come up:  The iTunes approval process can take up to two weeks.  (After they approve us, subsequent episodes can be uploaded very quickly, but initial approval takes a bit).  One of their requirements is artwork which has specific dimensions.  We’re trying to get it together in a timely manner, but we may miss our self-imposed deadline of June 1 for iTunes availability.  Even if this happens, we’ll probably have our video content available on YouTube, so you can see it there.

YouTube is fairly restrictive and murky about content guidelines, so Dicky is editing the videos to make them YouTube friendly.  Aside from my bumbling attempts to clean up the sound, audio podcasts will have minimum editing; you’ll hear the whole session unless we decide to bleep out something for personal reasons.

That’s it for now!  As you can see by my photo, there’s a lot to digest.  If you’re a writer, then I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!!!  🙂 : ) 😀


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