Happy Mother’s Day, from two logical idiots!

2 Logical Idiots Podcast and Productions have made a short video wishing all you selfless, hard-working mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  Here’s the link:  Happy Mother’s Day from Two Logical Idiots!   Please support our channel and upcoming podcast by liking, subscribing, and commenting.  We WILL respond to all comments on the YouTube videos!  Go ahead and troll us if you want—we welcome it!  :p 😀  Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, from two logical idiots!

  1. Thank you, fellas. My daughter actually surprised me by showing up with a present and flowers. I had told her to save her money. (We’re all so broke). And I happily accept your happy thoughts. How in the world did you two fsilly guys find each other? Good luck with your Podcast.

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  2. I so enjoyed this video. It made me laugh and I rather think you two sounded good-I was actually surprised with the timbre in your voices. I look forward to more of your work. ESPECIALLY the kinds with words. Man Child, I know you need breaks from writing, but dear one…a nap is probably more beneficial. Not as entertaining…..

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