I’ve known many who look for a comfortable cure-all that will work in all circumstances.  Unfortunately, the two approaches that seem to work on a consistent basis are not at all comfortable:  1.  Apply myself consistently, with a full heart and a sharp mind.  2.  Adjust my approach in accordance with the evidence.  Through these actions, all deep lessons seem to manifest themselves in the unfurling of circumstance.  

The other direction—relying on proverbs without seeing how they apply to individual circumstance—doesn’t seem to work.  Everyone I know who’s read flowery prose about “the deep lessons,” but refuses to apply themselves in real life  or adjust their approach in accordance with evidence…they seem to become bitter, powerless, deluded, or all three and it makes perfect sense; they are unwilling to go through the uncomfortable process of turning timeless wisdom into current solutions.


9 thoughts on “Musings

    • I get where you’re coming from and I guess it comes down to a matter of personal preference. I see most things in a military context so the way I break it down is if you don’t strategically maneuver on the enemy, then the enemy will maneuver on you and either keep you right where you are in the best case scenario, or force you to withdraw to a less tenable position. I see it the same way with life; I’d rather take some strategic risks and advance my position rather than get slowly steamrolled and run out of opportunity.

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      • I looked over my comment again and I think it was a bit incomplete. It’s a little self-deprecation on my part. I have a hard time applying the common self-improvement advice since I overestimate the dangers.

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      • No worries, brother! I try to be “strategically aggressive.” Sometimes it serves my strategy better to take cover and wait for the right time to aggress than to always go hard, which is definitely in line with your comment. But I like to think that I can always go hard on a strategy, as long as I’ve done my best to address the pertinent evidence and been as logical as possible about it.


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