When I tackle personal problems, I have found that I am not satisfactorily rewarded by assigning blame to So-and-So or The System (no matter how deserving they might be of it).  I am rewarded when I accept the responsibility to navigate through or around every obstacle in my way, and achieving a victory.


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Very sound and solid words.
    Just for a laugh put that out on FaceBook and watch the hordes of Excuse-iteers come stampeding in in ‘holy’ outrage to blame everyone but themselves (you could even itemise the most popular excuse)

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    • Hahaha! I actually try to give people the benefit of doubt (three strikes rule) unless the situation is imminent, but yeah, I personally think the best thing for the collective is to adopt a badass mentality. At the same time, I think bad things happen if people try to force it on others; I think it’s done better with healthy competition and calmly presented logical evidence. Jocko Wilink is my go to on that kind of thing.

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