In the parlance of warfare, procrastination is sitting back and letting the entropic forces of life maneuver on your position.  They seek to take your high ground—the time you have left, your creative potential—a second at a time, making it less and less likely you’ll hit your objective.  But even if you’re doomed to failure, you can put up a fight; you can be honest about assessing yourself and your situation, and be strategically aggressive.  

That’ll gain you territory; you will no longer be waiting for life to maneuver on you—you’ll be maneuvering on LIFE.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’m listening to Ron Chernow’s massive biography _Washington: A Life_, which explains Washington’s generalship of the Continental Army in detail. It’s amazing how much of a war of attrition it was, as is the extent to which Washington dithered, procrastinated, and suffered disastrous losses. If you haven’t read or listened to it, I highly recommend it.

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