Man Child Monday

As a result of the long, solitary hours spent plinking away at the keyboard, every writer needs an imaginary friend to assure them of their inevitable fame, fortune, and thick, luscious, genitals.  Here’s mine:  Elf Guy!

…I know:  I should be writing.  Photo taken by friend and Cool Guy Jumar Balacy.

#IShouldBeWriting #ManChildMondays #AlwaysProcrasturbating #LifeLongReprobate


9 thoughts on “Man Child Monday

  1. Every writer needs to put things off, or just simply procrastinate. If they don’t they’re missing out on what can be a great facet of the writing experience. Just because everything is going great doesn’t always mean things are going right.

    As for the green little guy, I think he’s missing his perch on top of the monitor screen.

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  2. I gotta get an imaginary friend. Its time. Let’s be bad. Make her my “hot cousin” who likes the easy cozy wild sex without fear of the video being posted online…..

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