What if—at our cores—we’re secretly parts of an all-powerful being that purposefully limited itself, so that it could experience the joy of rediscovering its own power?  Then all of existence would simultaneously be the cruelest, most empowering game we ever decided to play.    

Because collectively—at our all-powerful cores—we CHOSE to experience every atrocity, every triumph, every birth, and every death.


29 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I believed this quite seriously for about six months as a teenager! Now I believe it’s one of an infinite number of descriptions of reality that might be true or partially true or at least thought-provoking 😀

    PS. have you seen the film Annihilation? At least on my interpretation of the movie it relates to this in some ways…

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    • Not yet, but it’s on my netflix dvd queue. And yes, if existence is truly infinite, if every configuration of matter and energy exists, then every story and idea would by default be somewhere instantiated in the breadth of reality.

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  2. I sometimes have thoughts like this too, like we are all eyeballs of a multi-eyed creature, able to look at each other but unaware of the connective tissue that binds us, except indirectly, or through speculation. Sometimes I think of the metaphor of a many-fingered hand, same basic idea. I think you are correct though, that we don’t yet understand the ways in which we are connected at the root. The tree is yet another metaphor. handy things, those 😀

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  3. So great to hear someone say this. Me and my husband talk about this a lot, we believe it but it is hard to hold into in day to day life. And no one talks about it, or no one we know anyway, not in depth or seriously anyway. Thank you.

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