I make it a point to indulge responsibly and routinely, but I can honestly say that some of the most miserable times in my life were when I qualified as a comfort junkie. 

And conversely, some of the best times in my life were when I was right in the thick of it, working my ass off.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I hear that!

    I have a theory , the reasons most bands second album isn’t as good as the first is because before they might have had poverty (or less comfort) which is a great motivator

    When I was younger I use to find appreciating the moment extremely difficult as I had nothing to compare it with.

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    • Indeed! That theory is also there in standup comedy. I think it holds true to a certain extent; if someone can use their imagination to look beyond their own perspective, they can keep producing greatness without relying on their own experiences.


  2. It’s the work with which – at the moment – I’m having a hard time trying to find… inspiration. I have found that the “comfort junkie” mode of operation has no reward. My struggle at the moment, however, is finding what it is that makes me want to leave comfort junkie mode. It’s kind of a vicious little loop, and it’s very tough to break… But I’m glad that you have pointed out this situation.

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