I’m all for brutal honesty/assessment, in order to take accurate stock of the situation and craft a better strategy.  And I’m all for tricks and tips, to explore possible pathways to increase my efficiency.  But from what I see in my own failures—and the failures of others—these seem to be secondary concerns.  The primary concern is to show up every day and put sharp focus into GETTING SOMETHING DONE, without getting bogged down by “the perfect” way to do it.  To me, this seems to be the base requirement for all endeavors:  show up, and do the work.  While it isn’t ALL that’s needed to achieve victory—I need to employ honest assessment to address a changing environment, and I need to research other methodologies in order to optimize—it seems that all too often, this basic necessity is ignored and dismissed. 

One must show up and do the work on a regular basis.  If that’s too hard, then conditioning is required.  If there are other concerns that eat time and resources, then creativity and discipline must be employed to free up more time and resources.  Simple but difficult.  That’s why I like to make life into a game, so I can have fun with the challenge of achieving the next goal, or fulfilling the next requirement.  Hardship is inevitable; the ability to navigate it is priceless.


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