When something doesn’t work, I sit up and take notice. Could it be a fluke? Absolutely. But if there’s a trend of dysfunction, then there’s something wrong with my approach, or the obstacle is insurmountable.  Either way, I need to employ the most honest assessment possible, make necessary adjustments and try again, or shoot for another goal.

If I ignore dysfunction—if I’m lazy about articulating the reason behind failures—I risk becoming a narrow-minded ideologue, one who erroneously rationalizes why they don’t need to change their approach or their viewpoint.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. It’s true.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as being in the wrong mind at the start of the day. I am trying to do loving kindness meditation in the morning before I go out. It is my nature to rush blindly, so time in reflection (rather than thought addiction) helps create a better pace.

    But sometimes bad things happen for no reason other than they do. And at those times, I remind myself that luck is cyclical and probably after a night’s sleep/good cry that things will feel different, if not better.

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