Regarding my personal beliefs, I leave the door open for magic and miracles, but I think it’s foolish to rely on them.  In the past, I’ve dazzled/baffled “magic-minded” folks with results borne of strategic thought and consistent discipline.  So in the grand sense, I’d argue that discipline and strategy are just as impressive as nebulous powers and probably more so—discipline and strategy are far more reliable and consistently more effective.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yes. 50% method, 50% magic.

    The method, at least for me, is taking care of the physical side first. Eat well, try to sleep well, work, move, try to do what I say I’ll do when I say I’ll do it. These things, among others, give me a sense of peace –

    From that peace, I’m more open to noticing the paths of magic and synchronicity unfolding around me, so I can run down them sometimes 🙂

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  2. I agree. I would rather read a story about an ordinary person wrestling with extraordinary circumstances than an extraordinary person using magic. Note that Homer makes Achilleus and Odysseus the heroes, not the gods.

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