I’ll be guesting on a Podcast!

In lieu of Man Child Monday (I’ll post photos again on on 4/23), I’ll be guesting on a podcast:  Dellani’s Tea Time Monday.    You can listen to it live 1-3pm pacific, or listen to it after it’s aired.

I’m not really fast on my feet when it comes to the spoken word, and when I get excited I sound like a dubbed over ’70s kung fu villain, so there’s a good chance I’ll come off as a complete idiot.  If you’re so inclined, come give it a listen!  🙂 🙂 😀


4 thoughts on “I’ll be guesting on a Podcast!

  1. It’s great to hear what you actually sound like…it proves conclusively you are not a bot! You’re brave for doing this; personally, I cannot stand the sound of my own voice and I always feel weirded out when I hear my recorded voice on a video or someone’s voicemail. And I must concur with the host of the podcast: here in Florida it indeed seems to have turned into summer here without consulting spring.

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