I’ve known people who are largely ruled by pursuit of comfort or immediate gratification.  They seem to lead a piecemeal life; I’ve seen them jump from pleasure to pleasure, comfort to comfort—all of them transient—as entropy rises with inexorable certainty, trapping them on a sinking piece of compromise and misery.  

Personally, I’d rather seek fulfillment.  It might not be as pleasurable in the short-term, but working towards fulfillment allows me a bone-deep peace that handily beats the petty rush of bowing to cravings and whims.


19 thoughts on “Musings

  1. My question is … how do you find out what will give you fulfillment? There is a real danger of thinking something is going to be fulfilling, and then when you get there, it’s not that great. If you’re lucky, mountains rise beyond mountains, but if you’re unlucky, all that happens is you have to climb back down off the mountain that you thought was going to bring fulfillment and start on something else.

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    • I can only say what works for me: do the best I can at an activity the universe “clues” me into (typically through proclivity and opportunity I think) and then after an honest effort (with physical stuff I like to give around 3 months before passing judgment), assess the evidence as objectively as I can, and see if it’s something I want to keep doing. All the while, I have to be situationally aware, making sure that I’m addressing unforeseen obstacles or capitalizing on unforeseen opportunities. This is where all the “warrior” stuff comes in as a matter of practicality: brutal self-honesty for assessment, discipline and attention to detail to make the effort, and constant awareness to ensure that all factors are continuously being accounted for as best as possible.

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