If the whole “warrior” paradigm is appealing—and I define that as a paradigm where you strive against an enemy, which could even be yourself—I don’t think you have to be [some cool thing] in order to express it.  Because with every passing second, a little more potential is being taken away; entropy is dismantling our plans, little by little. 

So the warrior paradigm can be employed by living a life of discipline, so as to deny my cravings the power to disrupt my momentum.  I can aggressively maneuver against all obstacles, and be brutally honest with myself to clear my perception, so I can formulate the best strategy possible.  I can try and deny entropy all positions with which it can stifle my opportunities.  

I believe one can meditate, go to workshops, or research all the life hacks they want, but if those tools don’t cut through obstacles and gain people position/victory, then they are only aping the idea of a warrior, not living it.


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I find the idea of “warrior” to be too non-specific anyway. I try to shoot for living up to ideals that are more closely related to simpler ethical principles. As you say- discipline. Make a list, stick to it. Do what you say you are going to do. Be honest with yourself, just f-ing try your honest best, etc. These are all characteristics that can help make a better… whatever you want to be: warrior, healer, friend, or, oh yeah, writer!-)

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