In my opinion, the best sacrifices I could offer up in pursuit of a goal are:  time, effort, and the most honest assessment of obstacles/methodology I’m capable of mustering.  

If you do all that knowing that success isn’t guaranteed, I’d argue that you’ve demonstrated the vaunted quality known as “detachment.” 


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Absolutely unrelated to this post in any way, I just wanted to say it’s so cool for me when I see you’ve popped in and read a post of mine. I always go, oh really? He liked this? Excellent!
    So. Yeah. Coolio 😉

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  2. There should be an icon for puzzled. Does detachment give one a better perspective and broader understanding? Nothing in life is guaranteed, which makes life all the more interesting. This Musing made me think. Thanks for posting.

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    • I believe it does. If you want a proponent of detachment under harsh conditions, I believe SEAL commander Jocko Wilink can articulate the reasons why detachment is preferable to simply following emotions or instincts. I believe detachment allows one to act in the most efficient manner possible, given what information is available at the time. To me, this is an invaluable asset.

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