Many luminaries (Buddha and Musashi, for example) eschewed etiquette/tradition/The Rules, and focused instead on evidence-based function.  

And yet most people I’ve met who love to reference these luminaries seem to do the exact opposite:  they eschew evidence-based function, refuse to question/update their methodology, and stay wedded to etiquette/tradition/The Rules.  


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Lately, I’ve begun studying people like Buddha so that I can determine if I agree or disagree with his philosophy. Now I will have to also research Musashi, someone I’ve not heard of. With Buddha I’ve learned in the past few days there is at least one idea of his that I didn’t know and do not agree with. So, I need to re-think my referencing. Hmmm.

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  2. I think the “mistake” to which you refer has to do with the mistaken perception that many have when it comes to Buddhists, etc. In my opinion, many folks see Buddhists as “happy and peaceful” people. They associate the apparent emotional state as the “discipline” rather than the discipline itself. I’m not well versed, but I’d say that the happiness and peace some have from following things like Buddhism come from exactly as you say, the enlightenment that comes from operating in an evidence-based manner and accepting the data for what it is not what some think it should be. Did that make sense? LOL

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