Man Child Mondays

Not sure if you can see the doodle beside my signature, but in true Man Child fashion, I had to mark the first proof copy of Echo with a crude drawing of male genitalia.Β  Photo taken by friend and Cool Guy Jumar Balacy

#IShouldBeWriting #ManChildMondays #AlwaysProcrasturbating #LifeLongReprobate


23 thoughts on “Man Child Mondays

  1. Ok, I am going to have to stop following your blog. My understanding of who you are is getting clearer and beginning to seem normal to me. As I began reading your post at the word “Doodle” my mind immediately thought you were going to make a joke about your private parts. So I didn’t really look at the Doodle until after I read the whole paragraph. And I see a Doodle of a male genitalia. And I’m like, OMG. But the Doodle was definitely not a surprise to me. I am beginning to really see the “man-child”. I am morphing.

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  2. I’m so proud of you, Man Child! Big squeezy hug to you and to your wonderful photo friend, Jumar.
    Now, how in the heck can I get one of these signed copies????? Fangirls gotta fan! (and a signed by the two of you Man Child print…..)

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