Echo and Kor’Thank: The Weekly Update

Kor’Thank word count:  17,644  Echo Vol.4:  I’m on my fourth pass, 17th chapter (out of 98)

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to those who posted positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads!!!

News:  Got a buddy visiting, got school, and like all of you guys, I got Life.  Typically, when I get swamped by minutiae, I try to apply the “guerrilla mentality” to the things I really like to do.  I’ll explain:  when I have big chunks of free time, I like to allot activity by goals instead of time, so I’ll put a daily goal together that goes along the lines of “edit 15,000 words today.”  But when I have a lot of tasks or errands, I can’t do that, because who knows how long 15,000 words will take?  Accordingly, I make sure my laptop is charged and ready, and I take it along with me to all my appointments, so if I find myself sitting around, I can knock out some work.  If I get five minutes here, ten minutes there, then I can knock out a few hundred words here, maybe a thousand there.  So that’s basically what I’ve been doing:  taking my shots where I can, because when all you’ve got is small shots, you better take ’em, otherwise you’ll lose momentum.  That’s my view on it, anyways.

Other than that, not much has changed—still grinding!  If you guys are writers, then I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!


One thought on “Echo and Kor’Thank: The Weekly Update

  1. Yeah. I know how it is. I’m currently doing a rewrite for a relaunch of my historical novel. (A change from the fantasy novels I usually write.) life keeps coming up with things to take me away from it. 😕

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