Perhaps we have free will…perhaps we don’t.  Until either possibility is conclusively proven, the best way to act is to assume we have it (because if we have so much as a SHRED of it, it would be a terrible thing to waste).  So in my opinion, the only sensible way to take advantage of any free will I might have is not to bounce from craving to craving, from excuse to excuse, but to be as honest with myself as possible and figure out EXACTLY what it is I want to accomplish, and then pursue that end as strategically as possible.  

If I simply follow my urges and cravings, then in the grand scheme of things, I really don’t see a difference between myself and a machine.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Sometimes I think that all I am is a product of my times and experience and I am nothing more than a series of algorithms. Then I decide to put all that to one side and make the effort to control what I do and think.


  2. Following the urging and craving is akin to a phrase I read today. A demented bumblebee bouncing around from flower to flower in a drunken state….. and I’ve hit the wall. Hard.

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