Refusing to shift to a more effective/honest perspective within the bounds of ethics (I usually see this when someone is wedded to a comfortable ideal) is one of the surest ways to amplify failure and self-deception.


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  1. This reminds me of when my brother learned this lesson… He was keeping goats at the time and came home drunk one night and decided to play the head butting game with the young goats… He came to when his wife poured a pan of water on his head… Young goats grow up so fast and he just hadn’t noticed that conditions had changed… LOL

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  2. I see examples of refusals to remove heads from a$$es almost daily. We all have egos. We all have perspectives/opinions. We all have faults. If more people would just get over themselves and acknowledge that they have faults just like anybody else, things like common courtesy and respect for others might return. These ethics you speak of, in general, would be much more evident. It’s funny how people that refuse to reflect on themselves with honesty are also very likely to lack a solid ethical foundation. In fact, I would suggest that many people that are like this will, in some cases, sacrifice ethical conduct to hold on to their comfortable ideals.

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    • Well put! I’ve looked a bit into the nationalization of WWII Japan, the Nazi concentration camps, as well as the Milgram experiments; the data seems to say that most people can be convinced to act unethically, and the best way to prevent that is not to deny it, but to be aware of it so people can recognize it when it starts to happen and address it before it becomes a problem. I think knowing myself and understanding where I might be weak or lapse in my ethics is absolutely crucial to staying strong and being good. Just my opinion.

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