In my opinion, being brutally honest with yourself allows you to assess yourself/your environment faster, clearer, take the initiative with minimal delay, and ascertain whether your ideals/actions/strategy are effective or ineffective.  

There are few weapons as powerful as simply being honest with yourself.  


20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Probably one of the more difficult weapons to wield though.. and likely to leave people injured if mishandled. Some people have a tendency to viciously attack themselves with so-called truths in a most unproductive manner.

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    • In that case I’d say they’re ignoring a greater strategic truth: to be as effective as possible within the bounds of ethics. I’d argue they’re catering to a non-effective strategy: using factual evidence to put themselves in down, as a nonproductive way of trying to attain redemption, absolution or whatever.


  2. Absolutely agree. It’s still difficult, though. Having to acknowledge your faults in an honest and/or objective manner is tough to do. It tends to put a damper on the self esteem, even if only temporary. I struggle with brutal honesty about myself, but, at least, I have an awareness of my failings before I try to rationalize them 🙂

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    • Yep, it’s an intensely emotional, personal activity. Ironically, I find that keeping the emotion as much as possible out of it—trying to surf and observe it rather than use it as a basis for judgment and action—helps me realize those deeper truths about myself.

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