Regarding my personal actions, the environment is something to be honestly assessed and strategically navigated, and—if I’m in a position to do so—altered without ego, and without pretense.  

The environment is not to be blamed.


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So, change things only when you can do it effectively, and do it without any self-serving and/or righteous and/or malicious intent. Then, when a change in the environment that you’ve made along the way is no longer a “good” thing, you should not make excuses or find a way to blame the situation. ???

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    • Basically be strategic, is my view. If something works ethically and functionally, good. If not, then re-examine which ideals or methodologies seem to be the problem, and adjust as necessary. Blaming the environment diverts someone away from this —in my mind—optimal course of action.

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