Quick update on the paperback proof

So I corrected the font and spacing, pasted my document into a Createspace template, then ordered another proof.  As you can see, I was able to lower the page count in the second proof.  Unfortunately, using the Createspace template messed up my formatting, so it looks all jacked up inside.  So I had to go back through the manuscript and redo the formatting.  I’m about to order another proof.

Another obstacle on the perilous road of paperback publishing!  Only one way forward:  re-assess, then re-aggress.  Because what are the alternatives?  I could procrastinate, mope, quit, all the while engaging in some elaborate system of rationalization/excuses that blame outside forces.  I don’t like where any of those avenues lead, so onward it is!

For all of you waiting on the paperback, hang in there—it’s coming!  Just wanted to let y’all know I’m plugging away, and once again:  sorry for the delay!


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